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Guangxi GuoGui Law Firm (GGLF) whose name was approved by the Minister of Justice of China is one of famous law firms in Guangxi Provence. It is comprehensive, professional, team-oriented and was allowed to be established by the Guangxi Department of Justice.

At present, GGLF has been setting up pretty good partnership with a number of well-known domestic and foreign law firms, maintaining favorable discussion channels with several prestigious legal experts. And    GGLF is providing powerful legal supports for customers with their investments and business activities in the domestic and overseas.

Since June 2012, Shenyi Luo who is a senior lawyer has been holding the post of Chief Executive Officer, and then GGLF has begun to turn individual work into team work, form several elite teams for achieving the situation of scale, standardization, specialization, branding and internationalization.

GGLF always implements the service tenet of safeguarding the interests of customers in greatest extent, adhering to the service philosophy of Responsibly try our best to meet the efficiency.

   The lawyer teams of GGLF have been accumulated rich practical experience in lots of fields, including legal advising, company special business, intellectual property business (especially trademark business), real estate and construction project business, financing and investment business, labor relationship management business, marriage and inheritance business, criminal defense business and foreign special business. GGLF possess enough competitive and quite confident abilities to offer more professional, superior, pragmatic, efficient legal service to customers from home and abroad by depending on enterprise management mode, work mechanism mixed with division and cooperation and the service attitude of pursuing excellence.


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